When Acquisitions Spur Innovation

A Company Merger Brings Opportunity to Simplify Your Solutions

There were more than 2 dozen mergers and acquisitions in 2017, affecting service providers in all tiers and industries. From a technology standpoint, a merger at the least represents uncertainty but most often results in vast changes to network operations and technology.

But a merger, while challenging, gives operators a golden opportunity to eliminate silos, phase out legacy systems and streamline processes.  


It's simple. The less complicated the network, the easier it is to manage. Vision360 allows you to consolidate the management and control over multiple, disparate network elements and CPE with a unified frontend that hides all the gory technical details from your CSRs. This is an easy to step to take and will have immediate payback in terms of easing operational complexity.

How we Can Help with Company Mergers

Analyze systems

Fill the Technology Gaps

Help sunset BSS / OSS applications 



Modules That help with Company Mergers

Automated Provisioning

Next Gen Service Fulfillment and Subscriber Management

Automated activation with 70+ pre-integrated technologies that can be turned up quickly without customer disruption.


Integrated Billing

BSS Customer Care

Comprehensive billing and provisioning to support delivery of high-speed broadband, voice and video


Complex Conversions Simplified

Large-scale conversions on time and under budget

Today, ETI Software supports 2.2 million Frontier Communications broadband subscribers across the nation. And it all began in 2010 with Frontier Communications' acquisition of 200,000 Verizon Telecom customers. Providers of all sizes who need to improve the integration and management of complex broadband business operations and technology can gain valuable insight from this case study.


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