The Need for High Speed

Cost-effective solutions to expand your network 

Consumers have a big appetite for data services. And as that demand increases, so do the demands placed on your network. Growing your network to add new services or to increase bandwidth and keep up with the competition requires time and money. ETI has solutions that can improve your go-to-market time, control costs and track, plan and analyze expansion alternatives.

ETI has built an extensive collection of pre-integrated interfaces for every technology, from HFC to DSL to FTTx, IPTV and softswitch. This means that there is no custom, one-off work; your network additions can be easily implemented and turned up quickly, without disrupting daily operations.

We also offer network management tools that can predict growth areas, estimate costs and calculate capacity – making network growth a science instead of a best guess.  

How ETI Can Help your Network Expansion

Vast Library of Pre-Built Interfaces

Optimize New Technology by automating your back-office systems to make new service roll-out faster and more profitable.

Capacity Management

Better management and tracking of hard assets tell you where you need to grow

Sales Metric Analysis

Harness your subscriber data to reveal buying patterns that can reveal potential high growth areas – the low-hanging fruit

Shield Your Customers

Network growth doesn’t need to equal downtime for your customers

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Actionable Intelligence

More than just a mapping tool, it estimates costs and tracks ROI of expansion projects.


Faster Go-To-Market Strategy

Automated activation with 70+ pre-integrated technologies that can be turned up quickly without customer disruption


Embracing Growth

Cincinnati Bell's Long History

Cincinnati Bell Telephone has a storied history dating back to 1873. Its legacy of transformation continues to make it one of the most well-respected service providers in the nation. For the past seven years, ETI Software has supported CBT on their mission to provide innovative solutions to their customers.


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