25 Years of Innovation

A global leader in communications technology and services for 25 years, ETI Software Solution's mission is to deliver the tools telecom providers need to manage complex systems more efficiently, helping reduce operating costs and ensuring optimal quality of service.

Today as broadband service providers seek to provide superior customer experiences, ETI has moved to the service assurance realm, introducing its Vision360 product line. The Vision360 suite offers a comprehensive yet modular, integrated solution that empowers CEOs to CSRs to proactively address subscriber-facing issues to operate more efficiently.

ETI is 100 percent employee-owned.

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ETI Software Solutions is founded to manage devices on a network


The Telecommunications Deregulation Act is passed, allowing telcos to offer broadband, video, voice, etc.


ETI launches provisioning video and back-end office automation


ETI adds account management and billing functionality for video, cable modems, VOD etc.


ETI gets first international customer and with it, controls 7-8 million devices


ETI creates first fiber interface


ETI offers triple-play automated provisioning (voice, video, data)


ETI lands major telco, bringing device management count to 11 million.


ETI launches Vision360, a comprehensive software suite for service providers


Netmania merger adds 3 million devices for a total of 15 million under ETI’s control.


Launch of IoT offering: Beamfly


25 Year Anniversary

Our Philosophy

People First

"People" is the first word in our business philosophy ... and the last. Our business - any business - is people. We are proud of our company and that's why our actual employees are featured on this website. We are dedicated to our customers and that's why we have succeeded for the last 25 years. Our philsophy remains the same. Smart Technology. Smarter People.


Solid as a Rock: EPlus Broadband and ETI Software

Jackson Energy Authority (JEA) FTTH division

JACKSON, TN –  Over the past 13 years, Jackson Energy Authority (JEA) has built one of the nation’s largest, most advanced fiber optic broadband networks.


Smart Technology / Smarter People TM