Professional Services

Our consultation services and program management expertise helps broadband service providers across the globe with top-notch design, installation and support. ETI offers a full suite of professional services based on 20 years of planning, designing and deploying communication software.

As convergence becomes the norm, many customers need expertise only ETI can provide to merge, maintain and enhance networks that are integral to operational excellence. ETI consultants have the same goal as ETI engineers: to help service providers succeed in offering next generation technology efficiently, providing a superior customer experience while reducing operator costs.

Today many of our customers are facing serious issues: losing lines, gearing up for ultrafast broadband and implementing IPTV solutions as fast as they can. Others are building fiber networks and have complicated integrations and short timelines ahead of them. ETI’s priority is to help our customers tackle these challenges and remain on the forefront of next generation technology.


System Audit – ETI’s professional services team will evaluate your system end-to-end and make recommendations that can save you thousands of dollars. A comprehensive review of your systems will reveal inefficiencies that if addressed will pad your bottom line. In today’s competitive environment, a systems review can make a world of difference.

Software Selection Screening – This service can be invaluable to companies evaluating new B/OSS vendors. Because ETI software is vendor-agnostic and integrates with more technologies and hardware vendors than any other product on the market, our engineers have a wealth of information at their fingertips. ETI’s impartial, unbiased analysis gives you the power to choose – and without the high consulting fees and vendor favoritism of many other consultants.


Project Management – Take the burden of project management off of the shoulders of your most integral employees, and free them to do their jobs. Our project managers engage with your IT specialists and combine their technical expertise with AGILE project management techniques to help you execute short-term projects within budget and on time.

Systems Integration – Seamless integration isn’t a myth – it’s a reality. Making sure your systems talk to each other is an often-overlooked process that is vital to your operational efficiency. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on FTTH, IPTV, RF, SD and HD technologies that don’t communicate with your B/OSS systems will frustrate your employees and drive away your customers.

ETI’s trusted engineers have experience with the most complicated integrations at the largest telecom companies around the globe.

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