IP Migration That Makes Sense

Telco Transformation Without Technology Chaos 

The digital revolution is in full swing and service providers are grappling with the many different facets that affect an upgrade. Whether it’s the complexities of BSS/OSS integrations into hybrid networks or deploying new services without harming the customer experience, a move to digital can be risky and time-consuming.

Of paramount importance is the need to minimize service downtime and to ensure that, when brought back online, end user services are equal or better than before. The more mistakes that are made and the longer the downtime, the more likely it is that a customer will shop your competitors for an alternative. Don’t give them a reason to churn!

How we Can Help with IP Migration


Automated transition of end user service provisioning


Targeted control over transition scope by maintenance window


Automated rollback in case of issues

Quality Control

Network element auditing pre and post transition

Modules That help with IP Migration

Automated Provisioning

Next Gen Service Fulfillment and Subscriber Management

Automated activation with 70+ pre-integrated technologies that can be turned up quickly without customer disruption.


Integrated Billing

BSS Customer Care

Comprehensive billing and provisioning to support delivery of high-speed broadband, voice and video


Smart Traffic Cones

How IoT Can Save Lives

ETI Software is part of an innovative solution to reduce roadwork fatalities in the United Kingdom by triggering alarms when a construction zone has been breached.


Smart Technology / Smarter People TM